At Kenblest, we make your nutritional needs, our priority. With decades of experience, our bread is of an unmatched quality, adhering to time honoured artisanal standards.

Driven by the zeal to produce quality bread and flour for the Kenyan market, Kenblest Group has grown from strength to strength, currently producing over 250,000 loaves of bread and 450 metric tonnes of wheat and maize flour a day, making us one of the largest producers of bread and flour under one roof in the country.

Our extensive distribution fleet of over 100 vehicles guarantee in delivering fresh products daily throughout Kenya.

Kenblest White Sliced 400g
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    Soft and Delicious

    Kenblest is truly a Kenyan classic bread. From the first slice to the last, nothing comes close to the soft, delicious taste of Kenblest Bread!

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    Keeps family healthy

    Our heritage of baking wholesome and nutritious bread continues to be our daily priority to keep your family healthy.

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    Always Fresh

    Our passion for fresh bread is the soul of our success. Just imagine the smell of fresh loaves of bread baking in a warm oven.

Our Products

Kenblest has been bringing families closer together for generations with their wholesome range of nourishing breads baked using the freshest ingredients and culinary flours to provide the ultimate selection for every home bakers kitchen.

Kenblest Kubwa White Sliced 400g Pack Bread
White Unsliced
OT - 400g
Kenblest 210 Wheat Flour
210 Home
Baking Flour
Kenblest 210 Sifted Maize Meal Flour
210 Sifted
Maize Meal


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Kenblest Homepage Wheat
Kenblest Homepage Wheat